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Our Services

Emission Systems
Inspect/diagnose. Exhaust Gas Recirculation Systems, Evaporative Emission Systems, Positive Crankcase Ventilation Systems. Oxygen sensor replacement, Mass Air Flow sensor replacement, Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP) replacement.

Exhaust Systems
Inspections/diagnose. Replace complete systems including, catalytic converts, mufflers, exhaust manifolds, exhaust pipes, gaskets, clamps and hangers.

Fuel Systems
Inspections and replacement of fuel pumps, fuel tanks, fuel lines, fuel filters, glow plugs. Engine replacement, transmission replacement, constant velocity shafts, drive shafts, u-joints, wheel bearings.

Suspension and Steering
Safety inspections, replacement of shocks/struts, tires/wheels, ball joints, tie rods, leaf springs, coil springs, control arms.

Heating and Cooling
Preventative maintenance inspections, replacement of water pumps, thermostats, radiators, belts, hoses, heater cores, electric fans and clutches, head gaskets, transmission coolers, air conditioning service and components.

Electrical Systems
Diagnosis of drivability problems. CHECK ENGINE lights, SERVICE ENGINE SOON lights. Charging System checks, battery, alternator, starters. Interior, exterior lights, instruments/gauges, electrical wiring, electronic climate controls, computerized tune ups, power accessories

Brake Systems
Full inspection and diagnosis of both Brake and Anti Lock Brake systems (ABS). Replacement of all components which include, brake pads, brake shoes, brake rotors, brake lines, wheel cylinders, hoses, parking brake shoes, power boosters, master cylinders.

Auto Maintenance Service
Our routine services include, timing belts, tune up, battery service, transmission service, differential and transfer case fluid replacement, brake fluid service, coolant replacement service, windshield wiper replacement, tire rotations.

Car Care Service
We perform a FREE complete check up with all of our oil changes. The following systems are inspected: steering, suspension, brakes, exhaust, belts hoses, tires, batteries, fluids if available.